When we are so close to the details, it is often hard to see those turning points… those key decisions or openings that shape who we are and can be.

I love this quote. It is one of the few I have saved in my phone when I need a little encouragement and perspective. It happens to all of us.

Five years ago, my husband and I moved from Los Angeles to London for his job. I had to leave my career of 10+ years in K-12 education and policy to move abroad. The decision was one we did not make lightly and one of the items we discussed was that I would find a job when we got there. I have worked since I was in high school and…

By 2021, I would have thought robots would be placing coffee into my hand, dressing the children and getting breakfast on the table before I even make it down the stairs.


Although technology presents some challenges, there are many tools that can help make life easier. Especially as parents. Here are a few apps and tech tools that have helped my family manage our days.

Cozi (family calendar tool) — Think color coded whiteboard calendar, but make it virtual. Chris and I have used Cozi for close to four years now. We put everything in this calendar. Kids’ daycare/school…

Parenting is hard.

Add a pandemic, quarantining, kids learning virtually, racial injustice, coups.

Remove childcare, job security, access to family and friends.

This has been tough.

In this challenging year, I did learn a few hacks that have helped make this difficult job a little bit easier. Hopefully they can help you as we go forward.

  1. Understand what you value — We cannot do it all. We couldn’t before and definitely not now. Even when things go back to “normal” even the most superhuman of us cannot do it all. So my advice to you is to really think about…

I have never been one for New Years resolutions. I gave up on that after the 4th year of writing “lose 10 pounds” and then it not happening. I also struggle with the idea that overnight from December to January, I am supposed to flip a switch and my life will be something different. I still feel like the same person, with a messy house and breakfast to be made for hungry boys who are awake by 6am.

However, I do believe that setting intentions and building habits is important for me and also for my family. It is an…

Amongst all the everyday things I have anxiety about, I have been concerned for our planet and the future our kids and grandkids will have if we don’t turn the tide on climate change. Changing the world seems like a daunting task and I would often get caught between the macro and micro views.

I believe that we are our children’s first teachers and it was not enough to talk about our impact on the environment if I didn’t then act on it. …

I’ve been nervous getting back into the work week. It has been hard being at home and managing my son who is sick as well at this time. There were ups and downs for sure these last 10 days, but I thought I would share three things I did that make me feel good and happy (and cost nothing).

  1. I put lemon in my water. I’ve been drinking a lot of water this last week trying to stay hydrated and healthy. But after while, I get bored. So in the mornings, I cut up one lemon and fill a big…

Moms with babies
Moms with babies

This last weekend, I was supposed to be at the USC Women’s Conference @uscwomensconference. It was postponed as a precaution with COVID-19 transmissions happening in the Seattle area. I know that it is for the best to protect the health of attendees and our families, but I was also disappointed.

I had really been looking forward to getting together with women who are doing amazing things to impact the world and to connect with many of the attendees who are doing that while also raising families.

I founded Rent-a-Romper because parenting today is hard enough. We are living in an…

I am going to preface this story with a couple of things:

  • I am the mother of two wonderful and healthy boys.
  • I am over four years out from the birth of my youngest son, so have had time to reflect and process this story (although not sure that means anything but it seems like context for you all.)

August 2013:

The story starts in California where my first son was born. Although we struggled getting pregnant (I will leave that for another blog), I had a healthy pregnancy. We didn’t have any complications. The only thing that was scary…

Founder and CEO
Founder and CEO

I never thought this is what I would be doing. When I was a kid, I knew I wanted to be a mom, fall in love and get married as well as be on the US Women’s National Soccer team and win a World Cup by saving the last penalty shot.

Some of that came true.

As I grew up, I started to form different dreams and goals for myself outside of the family life I had pictured. I want to be successful — to be in a place where I continued to grow and challenge myself. I want to…


I’ve always been a working mom. I went back to work full-time 10 weeks after my first son was born. I never expected to do anything differently. I grew up in a house with two working parents and always assumed I would be the same.

It’s always a juggle. And there is always pressure to be better in every area of your life — to do it all. Whatever that means.

I tried doing it all once and it was an epic fail. It was around the holidays and we were living in London at the time. I felt mom…

Lauren Gregor

Lauren Gregor is the founder and CEO of Rent-a-Romper, a rental clothing company that’s helping moms get through the early years because they (out)grow so fast.

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